Our Story

We opened our doors in 2011 with the purpose of providing children a quality early learning experience, while cultivating the love and development of a second language. 

Atelier Preescolar was inspired and influenced by the wonderful experiences my daughters had at their preschools, with the added benefit of a Spanish language component. Since my oldest daughter began her educational journey twenty years ago, guided by her brilliant teachers, I became fascinated with early childhood development and education.

In preparation for the school's opening, I researched educational models and curriculums focusing on social and emotional development of children. 

Over the years and by parents' request, Atelier has grown from one part-time mixed classroom, into a more comprehensive service program providing full-time and year-round care and education.

Atelier Preescolar is certified by the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services and meets the licensing requirements for day care centers. 


You are welcome to take a tour of our school and workshops and meet the team of teachers all throughout the year. Please reach out to the director to schedule a time and learn more about our unique learning environment.